Rapper Shares Testimony on Overcoming Porn Addiction

Gospel hip hop artist Jahaziel stumbled upon the perverse world of porn at age six, and was addicted throughout most of his teen years.  This story is one we unfortunately hear all too often, but thanks be to God in Christ Jesus who is an all-powerful Chain-Breaker!  Jahaziel found freedom in the grace of God and through working with United Kingdom’s Safetynet to tell his story, he hopes many more men and women will find that same redemption.  Check out his testimony and the music video below:

Strategic Thinking With Josh McDowell and Friends

Yes, that is a chilling video.  Yes, sexual brokenness is a pervasive and painful issue. Yes, there is an attack on our youth just 1 click away.

But yes! There are ministries and individuals rising up, saying “Here am I, Lord” (Isaiah 6:8).

Yesterday some of our most respected ministry partners as well as other organizations from across the nation connected at a Strategic Thinking session hosted by Josh McDowell Ministry.  We discussed the greatest barriers to reaching people with gospel truth as it pertains to sexuality, and how to overcome those obstacles.  Among many practical ideas, there was resolute consensus that to be of any help in this arena, we must constantly receive Help from Christ and make accountability a priority – we need Him and each other (John 15:5, James 5:16).

Highlights from the day included a tangible sense of unity in the body of Christ, the sharing of innumerable resources, and a blanket of prayer from over 20 ministries to One Awesome God.  We are excited for the collaborative efforts sure to stem from yesterday’s event.  Know that this will deepen our well, from which we can draw more wisdom and engagement points to offer you.

Parenting Event at Chase Oaks Church (TX)

Dan Martin, pureHOPE’s director of parenting ministries, is coordinating a conference this weekend featuring Dr. Tim Kimmel of Family Matters.  The event is being held at Chase Oaks Church in Plano, TX on Saturday, September 24th.

We recommend Dr. Kimmel’s resources, such as his book Grace-Based Parenting, to moms and dads who want to raise kids for true greatness.  Check out the Family Matters site for more info.

A Day in the Life…

Our pureJUSTICE Internship attracts some of the brightest and most creative young leaders from across the country.  They are amazing individuals and have impacted our ministry deeply; more importantly, they impact thousands of others through the resources they help us create (e.g., Exploited, the pureJUSTICE Bible study, Justice Week content).

Our 2011 interns created this video as a snapshot of the sexualized culture around us, the subtleties of which we are often oblivious to and the connections to exploitative behavior we rarely identify.  The summons here is to a resolve that embodies prayer, critical thought, self-control, and loving engagement.  It is a response that the broader culture needs from the Christian community, and we trust it will be the response of increasing numbers of young, emerging Christian leaders.