News & Notes This Week

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Japan’s child porn addiction (The Independent)
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Thoughtful Parenting: The importance of the family dinner (Steamboat Today)
Anti-Cosmo Mission (Nicole Weider)

Porn in the Checkout Aisle

Hopefully, every parent has been disturbed at some point by the content and images set in front of their kids (and themselves) at the supermarket checkout.  If not, you probably need to pay more attention generally to the media your kids are exposed to…and engage them with age-appropriate dialogue about it.  Nicole Weider is trying to help you in that endeavor.

The goal of Nicole’s Project Inspired is to help young women and girls live and serve God with purpose in the midst of a culture that is intent on exploiting them.  In this video, she helps parents understand the explicit nature of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s content and the way Cosmo is targeting young girls with porn-themed messages.


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