Laughing at Destruction

Newseek magazine’s recent article “The Sex Addiction Epidemic” addresses our nation’s “sexual obesity,” as author Mary Eberstadt has put it.  It is a sobering piece, which asserts that sexual addiction “wrecks marriages, destroys careers, and saps self-worth,” yet Americans are being diagnosed with a sexual addiction “in record numbers.”

No sooner does this article hit the wire, however, and yet another pop culture outlet is making light of addiction and pornified culture.  As our friend Luke Gilkerson of Covenant Eyes points out in this recent post, porn and the problems it creates often get a lighthearted treatment that ignores the perils and dismisses the fallout.  Rather, our society ought to be doing the hard work of addressing the costs of promiscuous and commercial sex, and specifically talking about things like 5 Ways Porn Warps the Mind.

The Newsweek article ends with this quote capturing the root of sexual addiction: “Sex is the perfect match for that. ‘I matter right now. In this moment, I am loved.’  In that sense, an entire culture, an entire nation is looking for meaning.”  We have lost the story of God’s design for the sexual union, and when the story is lost, meaninglessness and despair set in.  We need to offer people the hope that God’s story provides.

If you or someone you know is dealing with sexual addiction, help is available.  A good starting point is our confidential HelpLine (800.583.2964), where you can get connected with advice, prayer, resources, and ministries and therapists in your area.  Take the first step and reach out for help, or reach out to someone you know who is living in the shadows.  This issue is no laughing matter.

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