Chatting with Steve Siler

At the NRB Convention this week in Nashville, pureHOPE’s Noel Bouché caught up with Steve Siler to discuss his Somebody’s Daughter project and the doors that are opening in the church and society to discuss the social costs of pornography and the hunger for freedom and redemption.


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Books on Sex and Sanctification

We are always looking to get you connected to resources that will help you in your journey, and to point people to the many excellent ministries working in this space across the country.  Our friends at FireTrigger, makers of the short film Willful Entrapment and the Scratching the Surface documentary, have a helpful listing of many excellent books here.

While you are browsing these resources, check out the interviews they have posted on the problem of pornography.

Nefarious: Merchant of Souls

Exodus Cry works to end modern-day slavery through prayer, awareness, and action.  Right now, they’re busy with their Incurable Fanatics Tour, screening their documentary Nefarious: Merchant of Souls across the globe.  As you can see from the trailer below, Nefarious is a hard-hitting exposé of the global sex trade, one that demonstrates the evil of this exploitation and the hope that the church is called to bring into the darkness.

Like pureHOPE, Exodus Cry doesn’t just want you to understand–they want you to engage.  And also like us, they recognize that the first step is to pray, as Scripture makes clear.  Click here to read the other steps Exodus Cry has identified for you and your church to take as you engage in the modern-day abolitionist movement.

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