‘Shamed’ The Movie

You know someone currently being affected by porn or sex addiction.  Maybe the man who sat next to you in church last week.  Maybe the woman leading your bible study.  Maybe the middle schooler who withdraws from youth group, or even the most involved student who makes straight-A’s, quarterbacks the football team, and just got back from that mission trip to Africa.  Perhaps your mirror knows well the face of hidden sin.

But, because of the guilt and the stigma still surrounding the issue, this debilitating addiction goes unconfessed and unhealed in the church which can be a painfully embarrassing place to confess sexual sin.  Ironic, because most of us struggle with it.

Shamed is a Christian film addressing the crippling shame surrounding pornography and sex addictions – helping us to “SPEAK openly, LISTEN compassionately, and HEAL completely.”

People are falling headlong into this addiction by the thousands.  Sin’s appetite is insatiable, and it is at all of our doorsteps – it waits for us on every billboard, every sitcom, every cell phone.  Our friends at Shamed The Movie reinforce how candor about sexual secrets lets the light of truth and grace into our own hearts and then helps us become that light of compassion and challenging accountability to others.

The film is currently in the making and has the potential to invite many into freedom and revolutionize our thinking as the body of Christ.  Watch the footage of everyday people sharing their stories of human shame and God’s redemption, and learn why the local church needs to be the place where the problem of pornography is addressed and liberty is found.

Click here if you want to learn more or support the completion of the film project.

Take the 7-Day Challenge

“Everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure.” 1 John 3:3

We are purified through our hope in Jesus, a hope based in faith that His atoning death and resurrection sanctifies us and cleanses us from all sin.  How is that purity reflected in us, and what habits ought we to develop to grow in that purity?  We call it the PURE lifestyle: a pattern of prayer, understanding, resolve, and engagement.

One of the tools we put in people’s hands as they leave our conferences and seminars, to script the critical moves for them and aid them in generating and sustaining momentum, is what we call The 7-Day Challenge.  Often when we get new information or ideas in a book or at a conference, the greatest challenge is doing anything with that information or idea once we close the book or leave the conference.  The 7-Day Challenge is intended to help overcome the inertia we all experience by providing short, simple steps to implement for one week that will help create movement that can form the basis of radical life change through deeper intimacy with God and dependence on His grace.

Will you take the challenge?  Click here, journal about it, and pass it on.

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