‘Shamed’ The Movie

You know someone currently being affected by porn or sex addiction.  Maybe the man who sat next to you in church last week.  Maybe the woman leading your bible study.  Maybe the middle schooler who withdraws from youth group, or even the most involved student who makes straight-A’s, quarterbacks the football team, and just got back from that mission trip to Africa.  Perhaps your mirror knows well the face of hidden sin.

But, because of the guilt and the stigma still surrounding the issue, this debilitating addiction goes unconfessed and unhealed in the church which can be a painfully embarrassing place to confess sexual sin.  Ironic, because most of us struggle with it.

Shamed is a Christian film addressing the crippling shame surrounding pornography and sex addictions – helping us to “SPEAK openly, LISTEN compassionately, and HEAL completely.”

People are falling headlong into this addiction by the thousands.  Sin’s appetite is insatiable, and it is at all of our doorsteps – it waits for us on every billboard, every sitcom, every cell phone.  Our friends at Shamed The Movie reinforce how candor about sexual secrets lets the light of truth and grace into our own hearts and then helps us become that light of compassion and challenging accountability to others.

The film is currently in the making and has the potential to invite many into freedom and revolutionize our thinking as the body of Christ.  Watch the footage of everyday people sharing their stories of human shame and God’s redemption, and learn why the local church needs to be the place where the problem of pornography is addressed and liberty is found.

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Me, Myself and I: The Villain and the Victim

by Aszia Walker

“Apart from Christ, I am Osama bin Laden.  I am Hitler, Stalin, Mao.  Only by the virtue of Christ can I stand forgiven before a holy God.  This isn’t hyperbole; it’s biblical truth.  We’ll never appreciate Christ’s grace so long as we hold on to the proud illusion that we’re better than we are.  We flatter ourselves when we look at evil acts and say, ‘I would never do that.’  Daniel, a righteous man, came before God confessing the sins of his nation, not saying, ‘They have sinned,’ but, ‘We have sinned’ (Daniel 9:5).  He took full ownership for his own contribution to the problem of his nation’s sin.  So should we all.” – Randy Alcorn, The Goodness of God

Last year I began to notice my lack of empathy for others and my immense pride in myself.  So, I thought it might be a decent idea to pray about it and ask God to begin a transforming work in me.

Whoops.  He actually heard that prayer, and He has actually started teaching my heart about His heart.  The pureJUSTICE internship program has served as my most recent tutor.

Here I’m gaining a wealth of understanding about pornography, prostitution, and their correlations to human trafficking. But the most penetrating lesson thus far has been a personal lesson in humility and compassion as I am beginning to lose that proud illusion and self-flattery Alcorn refers to.

We’ve talked a lot about sexual lust and its widespread effects on the immorality and turmoil in our society today.  There are real-life villains doing atrocious things to innocent and unsuspecting women and children, and while perversion is an obvious driving factor of the sex trafficking industry, we have learned that still other motives for pimping women, trading humans, and possessing modern-day slaves are greed and the hunger for power and control.

Which brings me to the following confession:

I lust.  I get greedy, stingy.  And, I try to control everything.

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