Pursuing Purity Conference


Obedience & Purity Grounded in God’s Holiness & Forgiveness
Dr. Bruce Ware (Southern Seminary)

Joseph’s Purity in a Pornified World
Daniel Montgomery (Sojourn Community Church)


Purity & The Spiritual Disciplines
Dr. Don Whitney (Southern Seminary)

Sex, Intimacy, & Marriage
Dr. Gary Sweeten (Sweeten Life Systems)

Idolatry, Adultery & Sexual Purity
Dr. Bruce Ware (Southern Seminary)

Parenting in a Sexualized Culture
Dan Martin  (pureHOPE)

Lies Women Believe About Sex
Joanne Samad (pureHOPE)

Leading Your Church in Pursuit of Purity
Steve Lizzio & Paul Leland (Hope Church)

Can a Relationship Survive a Porn Problem?
Steve and Candice Watters (Southern Seminary)

pureJUSTICE: The Porn/Sex Trafficking Connection
Noel Bouché (pureHOPE)

Five Hidden Dangers Facing Your Family Online
Scott McClurg & Kevin Maginity (Covenant Eyes)

Sexuality: Catalyst or Catastrophe?
Steve & Candice Watters (Southern Seminary)

Addiction & Recovery
Dr. Heath Lambert (Southern Seminary)

The Biblical Call to Sexual Purity
Dr. Hershael York (Southern Seminary)

Pornography: Winning the Mind Wars
Gunner Gunderson (Boyce College)

pureRECOVERY: Grace, Truth, & Time
Dave Brown (pureHOPE)

Homosexuality: Understanding, Healing, Responding
Daniel Mingo (Abba’s Delight)

Prayer & the Pursuit of Purity
Dr. Don Whitney (Southern Seminary)


2 thoughts on “Pursuing Purity Conference

    • Thank you for visiting our blog and checking out our resources, Christy. Right now the messages are only available through the audio player on the blog. Check back over the coming months as we are currently upgrading our website and blog and will add more features like downloadable audio, etc.

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