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  1. I pastor a very small church located on a street that I later found out has prostitutes close by. My wife and I moved to Nashville from NY 4 years ago to plant the church.

    How can we reach out to these ladies and especially those with kids? We have been in children/youth ministry in Brooklyn, NY for over 15 years before coming to Nashville.


    • Sam, thank you for your ministry, and for your compassion for the women and girls who are being prostituted in your community. We at pureHOPE will pray for your ministry in this area.

      With respect to your question about reaching out, we would suggest following our model of prayer, understanding, resolve, and engagement.

      Pray: Pray for these women and girls who are being exploited, perhaps praying through Isaiah 58 for them. Pray that God would open doors for ministry and healing.

      Understand: Grow in your understanding of prostitution and trafficking, starting with the stories and resources we share on our blog. Also learn what groups and services you could partner with and direct these women to, such as Magdalene House in Nashville (click here), which was highlighted in this news story.

      Resolve: Commit to making this a priority and building communal approaches to this ministry opportunity.

      Engage: Once the previous are accomplished, begin seeking to build relationships that communicate the love of Christ and offer hope.

      We hope this helps. Perhaps you have already pursued some of these items, and we will pray that your compassion and engagement bear much fruit. May God bless you mightily in this.

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