When Should I Start Talking to My Kids About Sex?

Last weekend, we were blessed to be part of the Southeast Christian Faithful Families Parenting Conference where parents from the Louisville, KY community and surrounding areas gathered for a time of equipping and encouragement.  Pastor Dave Stone led main sessions speaking from his new book series, and our Director of Parenting Ministry, Dan Martin led breakouts on Parenting In A Sexualized Culture. He also fielded questions, including this one:

“When should I start talking to my kids about sex and sexuality?”

If that’s your question too (and we know for many of you, it is), consider the following:

When does the world start talking to your kids about these things? And, do you want to be ahead of or behind those deceptive messages?

When your kids start being exposed to media, watching TV commercials, browsing online, hanging out with friends… THAT’S when you start talking to them! If we wait until we think they’re “ready,” chances are we won’t lead by equipping with truth, we’ll be responding to trouble.

Let’s engage in proactive parenting, not reactive parenting. (Click here for age-appropriate talking points)

We pray that all who attended the conference received new wisdom and greater confidence in their role as parents and shepherds of children’ hearts.  We pray furthermore, that those who were unable to attend will glean from the above insight.

We are grateful for our experience last weekend and excited as we look forward to our 2013 pureHOPE Parenting Conference with Southeast Christian!

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2 thoughts on “When Should I Start Talking to My Kids About Sex?

  1. I think it is important that parents, themselves, be practicing healthy sexuality if they expect to preach it to their kids. Those parents that have their own struggles with sexual purity, need to be willing to fight those battles so that they can allow the Holy Spirit to speak through them to their children about sexual issues.

    • Absolutely! It is important to protect ourselves and our kids, to model purity as an example in word and deed, and to equip them for the battle at hand. Even if parents have made mistakes in the past, they can begin to model confession, repentance, and purity in their own hearts and for the hearts of their children today!

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