Redeeming Adam

The more you observe it, the more difficult it is not to arrive at the conclusion that our culture hates men.  Real men, at least.

The media age delivers an incessant stream of the culture’s image of manhood: mindless, boorish, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually impoverished consumers of all things vile and vulgar.  Rare is the example of a smart, humble, gracious, virtuous, self-sacrificial, and redeemed masculinity.  Mike Olson is one man out to change that.

Mike is the junior high assistant principal and spiritual life coordinator at Bellevue (WA) Christian School; a frequent speaker; a pureHOPE Seattle Advisory Board member; a husband; a father of three; and a man after God’s heart.  He is committed to helping young men and women find transformation through relationship with Christ and to walk in purity and strength as redeemed bearers of God’s image.

In this message he delivered at our 2011 Seattle men’s conference, Mike exposes the shallowness and lies of porn and pop culture and challenges the men and young men in attendance to pursue a pure, holy, self-giving life that testifies to the work of Christ within them.

“The main reason we fail relationally is that we are trying to define our masculinity at the expense of others.  And that’s what our culture really teaches.”  Mike Olson

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