Parenting in a Pornified Culture

Facing Life Head-On is an award-winning television series produced by Life Issues Institute.  We applaud them for their international efforts to promote the sanctity of life, and especially for having the vision and courage to produce an episode on pornography and the commercial sex industry: Satan’s Final Frontier–The Sex Industry.

In this episode, host Brad Mattes interviews Noel Bouché of pureHOPE and Shelley Lubben of the Pink Cross Foundation about the sexualized nature of contemporary society and the devastating impact of the sex industry on individuals, families, and communities.  The three-minute segment below highlights the role of parents in equipping their kids to pursue purity and virtue and why loving and engaged parenting is so important in a sexualized culture.

“I hold parents responsible for what is happening to this culture.”  Shelley Lubben


4 thoughts on “Parenting in a Pornified Culture

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