Documenting Hope

As the injustices of pornography and sex trafficking increase, more individuals are engaging in action to combat them and raise awareness, including many talented artists and filmmakers across the world.  The pureHOPE team has had the privilege of connecting with several such projects over the past few years, and below are three documentary projects currently in production that we believe are worthy of not only your viewership, but your prayer and even financial support as well.

For this documentary project on the issue of pornography and its effects on the church, South African filmmaker Francois Driessen and his team at FireTrigger Inc. have assembled substantial interview footage from experts across the country (click here to view all of the raw footage), and intend this project, when finished, to educate and equip the church to address pornography addiction and effectively push back on the pornification of society.  This project follows on the heels of Willful Entrapment, a visually arresting short film by FireTrigger that lifts the veil on the perception that porn is “innocent fun” and depicts it as the door to psychotic addiction and destruction that it really is.

This project is a raw look at prostitution and trafficking in Seattle, one of the busiest hubs for trafficking of women and girls in the US.  With footage taken on the streets of commercial sexual exploitation as it happens, as well as interviews of leading experts on prostitution and pornography, the Rape For Profit team exposes the viewer to the utter depravity and degradation of commercial sex in our communities.

This documentary will address the debilitating effects of shame surrounding pornography in conservative Christian communities.  The film will document the harms of pornography, through interviews of subject-matter experts, religious leaders, and those who have escaped from the clutches of addiction.  One of its goals is to equip young parents how to openly and honestly communicate with their children (starting at very young ages) not only about the dangers of pornography, but also teach them what healthy sexuality is and to understand that healthy sexual relations in the right circumstances are wonderful.  Funds for this project are being raised through a Kickstarter campaign, and 75% of the all-or-nothing goal of $40,000 has been raised with a cut-off of February 15.

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