2011 Banquet Award: Ron DeHaas

The Jerry & Patty Kirk Award is given annually by pureHOPE to an individual who has made a significant impact in protecting individuals and families from the harmful effects of pornography, sexual exploitation, and sexualized culture.  Formerly the Family Protection Award, the honor is now named for pureHOPE’s founder, Rev. Jerry Kirk, and his wife Patty, who have tirelessly worked for decades to educate, protect, and advocate for
children and families in a society that is increasingly sexualized and thus hostile toward innocence, integrity, and virtue.

This year, we presented the award to Ron DeHaas, founder and president of Covenant Eyes.  Ron’s vision and leadership has made Covenant Eyes the leader in online accountability, and its software products and educational resources are revolutionizing how Christians think, act, and live out the gospel in the digital age.  With over 100,000 users in over 150 countries, Covenant Eyes’ accountability software is literally saving lives, marriages, and families and allowing men and women everywhere to live in the light where there was previously only darkness.

We are privileged to call Ron a friend, and to partner with the entire team at Covenant Eyes.  They are truly leaders in Internet safety and advancing the freedom and wholeness offered to us through faith in Christ.  pureHOPE is pleased to honor Ron DeHaas for his leadership and courage with the 2011 Jerry & Patty Kirk Award.

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