2011 Banquet Speaker: Shelley Lubben

The highlight of our annual banquet was the amazing and inspiring story of redemption and restoration Shelley Lubben  shared with the audience of almost four hundred.  Living on the streets as a teenager, reduced to prostitution and stripping for survival, then caught in the abuse and exploitation of the porn industry for two years, Shelley was delivered from bondage by the love of Christ.  Now married, a mother, and founder of the Pink Cross Foundation, Shelley brings hope and healing to women trapped in the sex industry and men caught in sexual addiction across the country.

Her story had the audience in tears, then grateful applause; it is a tale that embodies the power of the gospel.  We are thankful for Shelley’s courage, for her grace, and for her friendship that we trust will be a strong partnership for many years to come.

Click below to watch part two

5 thoughts on “2011 Banquet Speaker: Shelley Lubben

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  2. Shelley, your story has moved me once again though I have heard you speak twice before! Thanks for being willing to share the pain and darkness each time you speak so we can see the power of God to transform and heal! And you are right, pornography is a form of trafficking as is prostitution and stripping. Shame on us Christians for allowing human beings to be thus degraded!
    And even participate!

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