An Exquisite Evening

We want to thank everyone who attended our annual banquet this Thursday in Cincinnati.  It was an elegant and incredibly moving evening that celebrated the work of pureHOPE and the amazing ways God is moving and transforming lives.  The pureHOPE team is grateful for the privilege to serve God and touch lives through this ministry, and for the kindness and generosity of thousands of supporters across the country.  We are especially thankful for the generous response of the almost 400 attendees who joined us for the evening.

Watch for video highlights of the event in the coming days, including presentations from pureHOPE staff; testimonies of those who have been impacted by our ministry; remarks from Ron DeHaas, President of Covenant Eyes and recipient of our 2011 Jerry and Patty Kirk Award for his work to protect families and impact lives; and of course the remarks of our featured speaker, Shelley Lubben, founder of the Pink Cross Foundation.

Until then, enjoy this brief video from the banquet that highlights the impact of pureHOPE events this past year.  We hope you will help us touch more lives in 2012 as we continue to pursue a world free of sexual exploitation and brokenness by providing Christian solutions in this sexualized culture.

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