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As this article demonstrates, sex trafficking is a reality here in the U.S. and can affect women, girls, and families from all walks of life.  And, as the detective at the end of the article states, “The fight [against trafficking] begins on the home front.”  We agree, and that’s why our pureJUSTICE ministry exists.

At the heart of pureJUSTICE is the goal to educate and equip the Christian community by: 1) connecting the injustices of porn and sex trafficking, 2) connecting the virtues of purity and justice, and 3) connecting individuals with communities that are combating commercial sexual exploitation locally and across the globe.

Here are some of our resources that can help you and your church or small group make a difference through prayer, understanding, resolve, and engagement:

Be sure to connect with us and let us know how you are pursuing pureJUSTICE and how our resources have helped!

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