Parenting Q+A at Watermark Church (TX)

Parenting has always been a tough gig, but it has never been filled with more challenges than it is in the twenty-first century.  Specifically, the pace of technological change and the increasing sexualization of the culture demand more time, attention, and investment from parents than ever before.  Such an environment can leave us feeling like we have more questions than answers.

Answering those questions is a large part of our mission here at pureHOPE.  Our parenting events and resources are designed to provide strategies and solutions to help you guide your kids through the challenges they face.

This video is from a December 2009 event at Watermark Church in Dallas, TX.  pureHOPE’s Rick Schatz joined Watermark staff for a Q+A session after he gave a talk on raising kids in a sexualized culture.  The coversation covers important topics like God’s purposes for sexuality, talking to your kids about sex, and protecting your kids online.

One thought on “Parenting Q+A at Watermark Church (TX)

  1. It is so iamtropnt to be involved, listening to your kids and knowing who they hang out with. We need to be parents to our kids, not friends, and setting boundaries is so iamtropnt. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

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