Calling Dads to Lead Courageously

With the film Courageous opening in theaters this Friday, we thought it an appropriate time to highlight this Father’s Day talk given by Dan Martin, pureHOPE’s director of parenting ministries, at Firewheel Church in Garland, TX.  Listen as Dan outlines why and how parents need to engage with their kids as they come of age in a sexually exploitative culture.

“Dads, there’s nothing you can do that is more powerful than inviting your kids to join you in an ongoing pursuit of purity.”  Dan Martin

One thought on “Calling Dads to Lead Courageously

  1. A wonderful and well-thought out presentation. People who hear this and follow through on it will be blessed. My wife and I have been married for 33 years. We have 4 wonderful children and we read Ephesians chapter 5 frequently about how and man should treat his wife and how the wife should treat her husband. We have found those scriptures sustaining. Our sexual life is great, even after 33 years of marriage. We cannot wait to get into each other arms at night. it is very gratifying to know that God’s Word works in every situation. We try to spread our joy at every occasion. Thank you for this message.

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