purePARENTING at Hope Church (OH)

A big thank you to the ministry leaders at Hope Church in Mason, OH, and to all of the parents who attended our two-session purePARENTING series over the last fortnight.  It was a privilege to minister at Hope, and a rich time of equipping and encouraging as we walked through the basics of parenting our kids in the sexualized culture around us.

A special thanks to Todd Hinners, who joined pureHOPE’s Noel Bouché for the technology session.  Todd is a valuable pureHOPE partner, having presented at several of our events now.  He is a network security expert and a parent of three teens, and is a go-to resource for making your home as safe as possible when it comes to your family’s tech use.  You can reach Todd at thinners@hope-church.org.

pureHOPE ministers in churches and schools across the country, equipping and encouraging individuals and families to pursue purity through prayer, understanding, resolve, and engagement.  Contact us at 513.521.6227 or info@purehope.net to inquire about bringing us to your church.

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