Facebook Safety

Facebook is in the news again this week, as it seems it always is for some site change, be it a minor tweak or major overhaul.  That very fact alone should speak volumes to parents about the need to stay engaged with respect to social media and their kids’ interaction with it.  The pace of change and innovation may dizzy and intimidate us, but it is not an excuse to put our heads in the sand.

One response to the constant bombardment of headlines trumpeting the newest site improvement or latest smartphone release is to use them as reminders to review with our families basic tech safety and etiquette.  Internetsafety.com has a nice blog post discussing five dangerous Facebook postings to avoid.  Talk to your kids about this list, and remember to model it yourself.

One thought on “Facebook Safety

  1. The key is for parents to model appropriate behavior to their children, and for the 21st century parent, that means modeling tech behavior. Technology etiquette, including when and how technology is used, begins with parents, who are often the worst offenders. Don’t have your phone at the dinner table, don’t watch TV while eating meals, don’t have a television in your bedroom, don’t allow any level of media consumption or technology usage to distract you from being present with the most important people in your life, don’t use Facebook inappropriately, and don’t view illicit material. Don’t do it if you don’t want your kid to do it. Parents need to exercise self-control and discipline in their own lives in order to create that culture within the home.

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