A Day in the Life…

Our pureJUSTICE Internship attracts some of the brightest and most creative young leaders from across the country.  They are amazing individuals and have impacted our ministry deeply; more importantly, they impact thousands of others through the resources they help us create (e.g., Exploited, the pureJUSTICE Bible study, Justice Week content).

Our 2011 interns created this video as a snapshot of the sexualized culture around us, the subtleties of which we are often oblivious to and the connections to exploitative behavior we rarely identify.  The summons here is to a resolve that embodies prayer, critical thought, self-control, and loving engagement.  It is a response that the broader culture needs from the Christian community, and we trust it will be the response of increasing numbers of young, emerging Christian leaders.

3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life…

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  2. Thank you for your work here. It is true….we get hit with images all day long even those of us who try to guard ourselves, we do still live in the world. Thanks be to God who reminds us, “keep them while they are in the world but not of the world.” John 17

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