Pursuing pureJUSTICE

Pornography.  Sex trafficking.  Two manifestations of one injustice: commercial sexual exploitation.  Porn and trafficking are connected on numerous levels, and every day more eyes are being opened to the harms, injustices, and social costs of a sexualized culture that winks at or, indeed, openly condones commercial sex.  Connecting the dots, as well as connecting the virtues of purity and justice and linking up people who want to make a difference, are what our pureJUSTICE program is all about.

Click here to read Exploited: Sex Trafficking, Porn Culture, and the Call to a Lifestyle of Justice.  In it, we expose the connections between sex trafficking, porn, and sexualized culture, and lay out the proper biblical response for Christ followers who desire to shape culture through the gospel and pierce the darkness with the love of God.  Be sure to check out other pureJUSTICE resources, including a six-week Bible study to walk through with your small group.

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